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3 Feb 2015 -
We have enhanced the security of this website.

23 Dec 2014 -
PassHKSI Paper 1 has been refreshed to follow version 2.5 of the study manual.

9 May 2013 -
PassHKSI Paper 7 has been refreshed to follow version 2.0 of the study manual.

7 Feb 2013 -
PassHKSI Paper 1 has been refreshed to follow version 2.4 of the study manual.

15 Nov 2012 -
PassHKSI Paper 1 has been refreshed to follow version 2.3 of the study manual.

19 Jun 2012 -
PassHKSI Paper 8 has been refreshed to follow version 2.0 of the study manual.

26 Mar 2012 -
We just added more questions to the Paper 8 module!

5 Mar 2012 -
PassHKSI Paper 1 has been refreshed to follow version 2.2 of the study manual.

11 Jan 2012 -
HKSI Paper 8 Chinese Version has been released.

18 Nov 2011 -
HKSI Paper 9 Chinese Version has been released.

18 Oct 2011 -
HKSI Paper 7 Chinese Version has been released.

30 May 2011 -
HKSI Paper 1 Chinese Version has been released.

4 May 2011 -
HKSI has released the second edition of the Paper 1 Study Guide, and we have just updated our questions. Subscribers can access the old and new sets of questions until 1 June 2011.

7 March 2011 -
Questions have been updated with the latest trading hour info from the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

20 January 2011 -
To Really Learn, Quit Studying and Take a Test - Taking a test is not just a passive mechanism for assessing how much people know, according to new research. It actually helps people learn, and it works better than a number of other studying techniques.”
- The New York Times

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